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BST & the Environment 

Environment, Health and Safety

Beyond Surface Technologies is committed to ever greater levels of achievement in environmental excellence, employee safety, product quality, growth and bettering the human condition. We focus on the EHS Standards as the foundation of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) excellence in our business and strive for continuous improvement toward the goal of no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment.

The safety of each employee, as well as independent contractors who work within our company, is of the utmost importance. We readily accept the challenge to create and maintain a safe workplace, and have attained many safety-related milestones.

We believe the preservation of the environment is one of the most important issues facing the business world today, and we have made environmental initiatives an integral part of our culture.

Our mission is to research, develop and produce products that lower the impact of textile chemicals on the environment without compromising on performance.​​ We are committed to conserving resources and acting as responsible stewards for the environment. We are aware that our actions today will determine the kind of world we leave our children.