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About BST

We are a Swiss based company established in 2008 to design better chemistry for textiles right now. Beyond Surface Technologies AG develops products that reduce the impact of textile chemical finishes on the environment. We seek to either fully or significantly replace synthetic crude oil based raw materials with renewable ones. In addition, wherever possible, we include bio waste stream components in our formulations too.


Working with renewable rather than finite raw materials typically allows us to provide products with a lower carbon footprint as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Our raw materials are carefully sourced – transparency of components -  and underwent a so called Greenscreen on a CAS number level. Thus to provide products with the lowest possible hazard potential. Eliminating hazards upfront seems to us a smarter approach versus trying to control them subsequently in an industrial environment.


As everything we do has an impact on the environment we look at our research and formulation as a never ending journey.